How to Increase Height after 21 Years Naturally: The Right Way

There is always a frustration that comes upon people who are shorter than the average height after the age 21. This is the said time when the growth plates have already closed. The question that always bugs most people is: what are growth plates?


Growth Plates

Increase Height After 21 Naturally

The scientific term for them is epiphyses. They are the soft cartilage at the end of our long bones. At the age of maturity, these tissues harden and stop increasing in amounts making a stoppage to growth.

In women, they “close” at 18 and 24 in men. But the general accepted age is at 21 as an average. Most people would prefer the naturally way when it comes to changing some things in their bodies. And so the question stands: how do we increase height after 21 years old naturally?

We can actually keep on growing with the right amount of determination and discipline. Why? Because the natural ways would need a great deal of lifestyle as most of the factors that caused stunted growth are the things we mostly enjoy.


Proper Sleep

How To Increase Height After 21 Naturally

During the days of our youth, most the activities we do entails us to last longer during nights such as partying or studying for exams. An average adult would need around 8-9 hours of sleep every day. During our sleep, our cells and tissues regenerate. And so, the right amount of rest would let our bodies build up more tissues and hopefully include the tissues at the end of our long bones.


Proper Diet

How To Naturally Increase Height After 21

The very essential kind of food we need is protein. They are the ones that are responsible for the development of tissues, muscles and bones. In some culture, the most part are carbohydrates. This is also important so that our bodies will have the right amount of energy to grow. But more important than that are proteins. And so, a little bit serving of meat or fish in every meal will surely get us an extra development.


The Correct Exercise

Height Increase After 21 Naturally

Stretching is the most suggested type of exercise when it comes to increasing our height. Stretching stimulates our muscles and bones to grow longer. Also, other types of exercise such as running, swimming, biking or yoga can also help us stimulate our tissues to grow and increase in height.


Vitamins and Minerals

Increasing Height After 21 Naturally

An essential part of growing is acquiring minerals and vitamins that help us grow. For example, staying longer under the sun can help us gain vitamin D. Also, most of them can also be acquired from the foods we eat which are mostly from vegetables and meat.

Gaining height after 21 years old is not really that if we keep ourselves focused on that goal. It just needs us to do something more than the things we and mind more the things that we should not.

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